++Integrity: We understand the impact of a promise. 

++Giving Chances: We’re in this to give unlikely candidates a chance. We cheer for the underdog, and no circumstance can undermine an opportunity for success. We are in this business to give the unlikely candidate a chance to rise.

++Open to Possibilities: We embrace the unexpected. We can’t predict the outcome of our work and we are not attached to a specific result. We work with our clients until we find a suitable outcome for each individual child and dog.

++Commitment: We don’t give up, especially when it gets tough. We strive for a positive outcome and we will work toward that until it is achieved. We put our kids and dogs first.

++Connection: We really believe in the power of the bond between children and dogs. We want to forge an unforgettable connection. We treat the kids and dogs as if they were our very own.