Creating love and joy between underprivileged children and underserved animals


The founder of this nonprofit had his life saved by his first dog. Over his years, the human-animal bond has shown to transform lives for humans and canines he has interacted with year after year. Being that there are a high number of both underprivileged children and underserved animals in the United States, there is a very large possibility for opportunity.


We strive to save rescue and shelter dogs to give them a second chance through 1 of 2 training programs 1) companion animal placement program which we will be calling the “Buddy” Program (named after the Founders parents late yellow lab) and 2) therapy dogs network program. Once educated on animal husbandry and impact, families will be connected with a dog selected by the board and/or staff. These placement opportunities will each start a milestone process for both the dogs and the families.

Our Vision:

One day, we hope that we have successfully achieved enough placements to cause a shift and transformation in the ability to create this process, leaving the eyes of opportunity looking directly at us to create changes in the community.

In all, we want to live by the phrase of “save a dog, save a child”. We are not exactly certain of the ongoing impacts of our placements and connections; that being said, we want to grow positive connections all over the United States for children and dogs alike.

Primary Focus – Dogs

Canines are know so well as “mans best friend” and we love that! We respect and honor that each individual person has their choice of particular animals that they call their favorite. However, dogs are our choice to Pawsitive Kidnections as they hold a special place in the lives of many humans for a world of reasons. Dogs can bridge the gap of isolation, fear, loneliness, a lack of the present moment and other areas where human to human interaction might not be effective. The potential power of dogs in the lives of humans of any age is vast and we want to use it for good.

Primary Focus – Children

Children of all walks of life have years of opportunity ahead of them and not all of them have the same opportunities dependent on many factors. Our hope is to seek out children that are considered to be underprivileged to give them a chance to live with a dog in there home; they may not get such an opportunity as other families might.