5 Unexpected Reasons Why Dogs Don’t Like Certain People by Amber King

Amber King has written a great post on 5 Unexpected Reasons Why Dogs Don’t Like Certain People. To jump right to the article –> Click Here

In summary, the 5 unexpected reasons she talks about are:

  1. Tone of Voice
  2. Body Language
  3. How Someone Interacts with Other People
  4. Smell
  5. Past Trauma


Her initial statements of the article go as follows:

Getting on a dog’s good side might seem as easy as having a pocket full of treats and knowing the trick to a good belly rub, but our four-legged friends aren’t always easy to please. They’re quick to judge a person’s character, and there are some people they simply don’t like.

It could be a specific person in the dog’s family, a friend of their owner’s, or a random person they meet on the street—but dogs know a foe when they see one. They might growl if the person comes close or simply turn tail and disappear. It seems random, but it isn’t as mysterious as you think.


Amber’s article was published on iHeartDogs.com on December 23, 2017. She has done over 200 posts on different topics. The link to her list of posts –> click here



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